Amstel Ballen Bar: The Ballroom of Amstel beer


Amstel Ballen Bar: The Ballroom of Amstel beer

Dutch agency Doom & Dickson created a campaign for Amstel beer with balls.

The ball-room hostess.

The Ballroom of Amstel for men refers to the Ballroom of IKEA, a supervised play area which was designed to keep children occupied while their parents are shopping.

The Amstel Ballroom is the ultimate mobile refuge for men "trapped" in a woman environment (like the Ideal Living Exhibition in Amsterdam, The Netherlands). It offers everything men dream of: snack balls, meatball sandwiches, golf balls, football, and of course Amstel Beer on draft!

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Amstel now runs with the tagline "Ons beer"? (Our beer)?

That's funny, Carlsberg in Denmark had the tagline "Vores

I think I read about a sports bar thing last year, where husbands could be left while wifes did the shopping.. So the ad actually mimics real life?

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