Anando Milk - Building - Billboard, India


Anando Milk - Building - Billboard, India

From McCann Erickson India, Mumbai. The milk gives you strong bones. How strong?

Strong enough to photoshop.

McCann Erickson India, Mumbai - Cannes shortlisted.

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Wow...very cool.

Impressive! Especially the 2.5 story tall kid! :-)

Milk: Full of bovine growth hormone.

Pretty cool idea!

For awards entries, do they mind if you Photoshop the "real" sky to match the ad? Do kids in Mumbai look like that? Didn't anyone freak when their balcony got covered up by a billboard? Is this just a pretty cool idea, or an actual execution?

It's on the Cannes shortlist. We'll see how it places.

I don't know if this is an actual execution of the ad, but there are porous plastic banners that I've seen (in real life, advertising real stuff) that covered 3-6 floors of a building (wrapping around 2 sides), with no major degradation of the light passing through to the windows. And, the picture looked fine - obviously, not the very best resolution picture, but fine from 75+ feet away.
I don't know how this would affect balconies - probably provide a little bit of shade - possibly a blessing in Mumbai.
I don't thing kids there look like that - at least the vast majority don't!

I am from Mumbai, India and I am ashamed of this outrageous scam.
It is an obvious Photoshop trick and this building looks nothing like those I see in my city.

So Brenhahn's gut instinct is right? This ad won a Media Spikes award already. And it shortlisted in Cannes. correction - it won Bronze in the outdoor category.

Gut instinct?

Not to get all forensic on ya, but in addition to the other questions I raised, the edges and corners of both the buildings and the billboard are amazingly crispy-straight, even when you zoom way, way in on the jpg. And all the shadow-lines in the entire photo should be parallel, possibly excepting the shadow under the balcony in the billboard, ('cause it's supposedly a photo while everything else is "real." ) Instead, the shadows on the beige building on the left are obviously more vertical than the shadows on both the tall blue-gray building and the billboard.

On the other hand, I'm just a radio guy -- what the hell do I know?

gut instinct - deducing skills.

It's a cool idea but, I too, am suspicious about it really being done. Usually for work that's submitted that is this complex or crazy to execute - there is a write up they send along. Not sending anything about the ad makes me think it be el scamo.

So scams win in Cannes again?

Scams? Surely you mean speculative work. Or student work.

And to think that Cannes' judges wouldn't recognise a scam ad, let alone speak out loud, well, shame on you.*

*sarcasm alert. Just in case you weren't sure. It's not just jealousy you know.

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