Animal Anti-Cruelty League reminds you...


Animal Anti-Cruelty League reminds you...

CD Gareth Lessing, Creatives Andre Vrdoljak & Miguel Nunes, and photographer David Prior from Lowe Bull Jhb would like to remind you all to sterilise your pet - "before it's too late", like the line says...... Hands up everyone who doesn't get it!

Lowe Bull Jhb

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Ahhh, the olllllll' obscure 101 Dalmations reference....that....nobody...will....get.

I know one person that totally gets this concept....the copyright lawyer at Disney.

I got it. You certainly got it. So what's to get?

I get the ad. I just don't get your comment. Cause if you get it, and the other guy above gets it, and i get it, and the guy from Disney gets it...then that's four people who get it. Surely?

I like this ad. Very nice, maybe it's an australian thing?

Consider me australian then, I dug it too.

Why is it an Australian thing? Isn't Lowe Bulll in Johannesburg, South Africa?

I'll add my "I didn't get it" to the list. Maybe it's because I don't have kids or something. :/

Very nice. Haha.

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