Welcome to Dutchland is a teaser campaign that uses the old fish out of water sight gag with characters from Fox's hit movies and shows.

Walking Dead is my favorite because it makes a comment on the "coffee house culture," too. Silly stoners.

Client: FOX Agency: Anomaly Executive Creative Director: Mark Sloan Partner, Global Creative Director: Richard Mulder Partner, Global Chief Creative Officer: Mike Byrne Creative Director: Zack McDonald Creative: Daan van Dam Creative: Bas van de Poel Creative: Justin Blyth Head of Planning: Amanda Feve President: Hazelle Klønhammer Business Director: Nicolas Kettelhake Account Director: Max Firth Producer: Jordan Spielman Account Manager: Laura Bathurst Photographer: Bill Tanaka Line Producer: Monique van Klaren Retouchers: Jan Hibma and Patrick de Bas

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