anti smoking QUIT - lung X-Ray adbin, UK


anti smoking QUIT - lung X-Ray adbin, UK

Oh my god, I'm so grossed out. These helpful little bins allow you to dispose of your cigarette butts there, while doubling as a really gross image that may indeed turn you off from smoking, at least temporarily. See, part of the X-ray image is transparent allowing for the accumilated butts inside to be part of the visual. Apparently this is a new medium called "adbins".

Kudos to the kids at Saatchi:
Client: anti smoking charity QUIT
Agency : Saatchi & Saatchi London
Cris Jones (Typographer)
Paul Silburn & Kate Stanners (Executive Creative Director)
Rob Porteous & Dave Askwith (Copywriter & Art Director team)

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This is great. Gross and great.

Since when is girly bracelets fashionable on men?

The bracelet is a metrosexual thing. Probably.

I was more perturbed by the jacket, myself.

Am I the only amused by the evolution of smoking banned in pubs = new advertising media called adbins? :))

Smart. It may help some people realize how much junk is being dumped into your lungs when you smoke.

Truly amazing idea, I have seen these bins all round London and I think they are a fantastic way of keeping the street clear of dirty cigarette waste and if they can stop people smoking at the same time then lets see them everywhere! Brilliant keep up the good work

I can't believe the went that far to build cigarette bins... What brain sane smoker would feel comfortable around those? I totally disapprove it. Those who are smokers today decided to be smokers, it's their choice, they know the risks, no need to remind them their death on every occasion. It's also about respect, you don't put a sick lung bin next to a smoker, it's like pretending they're stupid and it's hardly the truth.

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