Imagine a store where you don't pay with money, but instead with good deeds. Go on. Close your eyes. It's full of chocolate isn't it?

Yep the recent Anton Berg pop-up store, a.k.a the generous store, where you can not pay with money. Chocolate so good money can't buy it, anyone?

Why not? Anton Berg used to be the fancy chocolate marsipan treat you'd give away as gift when feeling particularly generous, celebrating things like good grades, birthdays, etc. By challenging people to treating themselves to a box of chocolates and only paying by a generous gift of time or non-lies to another, Anton Berg themselves are the gifter, and you who did the deed the recipient of the traditional gift. So what did you have to do to get some sweet sweet chocolate? Serve breakfast in bed. Help someone move (not bodies - there's not large enough chocolate boxes for that). That sort of thing.

The chocolate was ‘priced’ differently, so people could pick a box according to the good deed they were willing to do. There were more than 30 different payment options ranging from ‘Serve breakfast in bed to your loved one’ to ‘Don’t comment on your girlfriend’s driving for a week’. Most popular was 'Help clean your friend’s house’. Least popular was 'A week where you don’t lie to your father’.
The 'cash registers' were ipad devices that ensured people’s generous promises were posted on the Facebook profiles of both the giver and receiver of the generous deed. This created just enough peer pressure to ensure they made good on their payment. Many people even provided evidence of their good deeds in the form of pictures on Anthon Bergs Facebook page.

Robert/Boisen & Like-minded (Ad agency): Michael Robert, Creative Director Søren Christensen, Strategist Mark Rif Torbensen, Art Director René Kammersgaard, Art Director Anders Kure, Art Director Mathias Birkvad, Digital Director Martin Hörmann, Account Manager Gobsmack (Film and event production): Niels Nørløv, Director Emilie Brandt, Producer Christina Erritzøe, Producer Molamil (Digital production): Jorge Hernandez Ramiro Espada