ACW Grey Tel Aviv remind kids to brush our teeth, lest some horrible sugary nasties spend the night.

Aquafresh- Sleep Over Advertising agency: ACW Grey Tel - Aviv Executive Creative Director: Tal Riven Creative director: Ziv Meiri Client manager: Anat Leventon Art: Carmit Ken- Dror Copy: Ido Mymon Supervisor: Mor Reuveny Account manager: Keren Shlush Production Manager: Meital Tzoref Producer: Racheli Zatlawi Photographer: Yaron Itzhakov Photoshop: Yaron Itzhakov, Robert Mizikovski

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kidsleepy 17 year copywriter, now CD, who has worked in many cities including Pittsburgh, New York, Atlanta, Montreal and currently Los Angeles. I snark because I care. I ain't complainin' I'm just tellin' it like it is.

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