Crab stain
Spaghetti stain
Hamburger stain
Hot dog squid

OH MY GOD watch out for the KILLER KUNG FU FOOD! I must admit, I love the cartoony art direction of this. There's a killer squid in the mustard of the hot dog and a throwing star in the ketchup of the hamburger. I know a three year old who sees all food like this. Procter and Gamble, keep this sort of thing up and I might forgive you for other ad crap soon.

Client : P&G Agency : Saatchi & Saatchi Guangzhou Ng Fan : Executive Creative Director Wendy Chan : Creative Director Ng Fan, Wendy Chan, Liu Zhong Quing, Ye Zhi Guang : Art Director Au Kin Cheong : Copywriter

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