Army - Stuck in a rut - print, UK


Army - Stuck in a rut - print, UK

This double-page spread uses the gutter to fit the question "Stuck in a rut?". I've never understood why that would make me want to join the army though. Try; "You get to drive tanks!" Seems that the target market are just waiting for a way out of their non-career and into a "more exiting" one (read: it can kill you).

Ad Agency: Publicis London
Andy Johns (Copywriter / Art Director)
Alex Ball (Copywriter / Art Director)

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It ties in with their TV recruitment advertising, which is all about the Army as an interesting, active career where you have to make important decisions. Pretty attractive for an under-educated school leaver who's facing a choice between floor sweeping and shelf stacking.

Telly Ads has a string of recent TV ads (scroll down to Army). The "Military Clerk" ad even manages to make office admin look exciting.

The official British Army recruiting site has some clips which should be follow-ups of the current TV ads, but I can't get them to run in Opera.

You're a rare bird, only 0.9 % of readers here use Opera.

Whoo-hoo! I knew I was special.

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