Artistic Tile – Skirt/Vest (2003) Print Ad (US)


Artistic Tile – Skirt/Vest (2003) Print Ad (US)

There’s no such thing as a boring product, just a boring ad. Click read more to see how sexy bathroom tiles can be.

If this keeps up, visiting Home Depot will be like a trip to Hooters.

Artistic Tile

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Habitat in London did this in 1994 - the "wear it" fashion shoot thing has been done by them, by carpet makers (another british set of magazine ads where Vivivenne Westwood made gowns out of carpet) by house-paint brands etc etc etcetera...

In fact we should collect a few more of these and make it a Badlander. Tired idea.

Very tired indeed, there's plenty more apart from the Habitat campaign you mentioned.

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