Attention-grabbing nudity might cause traffic accidents in Rome


Hot on the heels of that British study that revealed that a quarter of British drivers are so distracted by billboards with semi-naked models that they have dangerously veered out of their lane which caffeinegoddess reported on, comes yet another ad that diverts attention from traffic. This time it's a cheeky ad in Rome that a consumer group calls a "road hazard".

The dangerous ad on the cities buses is advertising a cellulite treatment by showing the results - a bare naked cellulite free bottom. A consumer group called Codacons has warned that this sight may cause traffic pile-ups on the streets of Rome as men gawk at the butt. They 're quoted as saying that in The Courier Mail.

An image like this one poses a serious risk of distracting motorists of the male sex who, to observe that backside, inevitably remove their attention from the road," Codacons said. "There is a concrete risk that such advertising represents a hazard for men at the wheel, causing traffic pile-ups."

This story is as old as rock, recall the sexy H&M posters, Anna Nicole made motorists in Norway drive into the ditches back in '93 and H&M try to repeat this feat each year since. Some argue that if ad posters cause traffic accidents, they shouldn't be placed near roads. But this latest ad danger is placed on a vehicle in traffic -perhaps one should exile the scantily clad imagery instead? Send the pinups back into magazines and take them offf public streets maybe? Just a thought. At the same time one wonders how these accident-prone motorists manage in real life is the slightest peek of cheek makes them lose all control - should they really be able to operate heavy machinery such as cars, guns and voting ballots? ;)

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