The beaches of Australia are apparently as dangerous as the rest of the country which is full of scary stuff. Australia's wildlife includes seventeen of the world's most deadly snakes, killer spiders, poisonous jellyfish and fast-running saltwater crocodiles who lay in wait for you if you take the same path twice. If any of that doesn't get you, the sun will try and kill you too.

Australian Surfer Sunblock targets the surfers who apparently amuse themselves by drawing penises on drunk friends faces, set fire to other peoples jeeps, and mistake sunblock for K-Y spermicide. Yeah, the pregnant one felt a little off to me, but I suppose it works. Australian Surfer Sunblock only protects you against the sun. You have to fight off the sharks in the water with something else. We suggest a waterproof bazooka. Maybe nuke Oz from orbit. Only way to be sure.

Ad agency: Bondi Advertising Sydney Copywriter : Scott Wilson Art Director : Jonas Allen Creative Director/ AD / copywriter: Steven Thomson Agency Producer : Natalie Vrandich Photographer : Kane Skennar

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