Axe has the whole "women go mad" idea nailed down as theirs only ever since they blasted out big nutty ads like the Paid piper commercial back in '99. Naturally this makes Axe/Lynx a great client to work on, and Lowe Bull in Johannesburg, South Africa won't deny it.
"Axe is a fabulous brand to work on for our creatives, it revolves around the now renowned 'Axe Effect" which essentially means if you wear Axe, you'll always get the woman or women of your dreams," commented Lynn Madeley, regional communications director at Lowe Bull.

With no formal brief the creative team at Lowe Bull had free reign, they just unveiled these two adverts to run in magazines starting this month and are sponsoring FHM's 100 Sexiest Woman in the World promotion. Read more to see the ads.

While everything might appear normal at first glance, you'll soon spot that the hot teacher mama has her hand on her young students leg.

Link to larger schol teacher image

Creative team: Miguel Nunes, Designer. For a larger view of the ad just click on the image.

In this one sugar-mommy tries to catch young boys with sweets.

Link to larger cougar image

Creative: Sean Harrison, Art Director and Tim Beckerling, Copywriter

By the way I so have that shirt. Next thing you know I'll be back to cradlerobbing little schoolboys.

ad agency: Lowe Bull South Africa