Axe Dry – Horse Ride (Print Ad) / Pit (2004) (US)


Axe Dry – Horse Ride (Print Ad) / Pit (2004) (US)

Ask women to describe their ideal guy and they'll tell you the usual spiel - tall, clean cut, nice smile, good sense of humor, etc.

But we know better.

Click read more to see what women really want in a guy.

Found in the March 2004 issue of Details Magazine.

Close-up image.

bonus: SFGate article

The ad slogan is "Dry Pits Win." The message is: Your chick is not really dating you, dumbass. She is dating your giant hairy armpit. This is all she really cares about.
Screw emotional connection. To hell with chivalry and cooking her breakfast and remembering to bring the condoms. You really want to score with the babes? It's all about the sweat glands, dude. Huge, dry ones. With feet.


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Re: Axe Dry

wheeeeeeeeird! and kinda creepy.

AnonymousCoward's picture

Re: Axe Dry

I don't get it. Why's she carrying a dismembered muff?

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Re: Axe Dry

What mindless blather, this ad! In case you're the brand manager of AXE, I just want to let you know that if you bring me your account, I'll do work which is a million times better than this for half the monthly retainer you're now paying. Seriously. Send me an email:

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Nice sunset you have there.....

too weird for words. but rather funny in it's over-the-topness.

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loose limbs....

creepier than Quiznos (ha!)

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Dear Makers of Axe Anti-perspirant:

found this at
I believe too much advertising today focuses on unrealistic body images, trying to associate products with sex appeal: "Use our product, and you will become a chiseled hunk who draws women from miles around." You, however, have chosen to break that mold, with an ad whose underlying message seems to be: "Use Axe anti-perspirant, and you will become a hairy torso with no head, arms or genitalia."

It's refreshing to see a company who has the courage to portray users as mutated freaks of nature. I applaud you for your unique strategy.


TL Hines

funny. funny ad. funniest ad ever?

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Re: Axe Dry

To wierd for words. Humm how does an oversize pair of cartoonish baby feet connected to a hairy belly with no other features advertise deoderant? And what are they saying about women? Ad seems to draw no point and hits way off base. Would never see that it is effective to impact sales in a positve nature.

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Re: Re: Axe Dry

Hairy belly? I thought it was a hairy armpit with legs.

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(adding more logs to the fire...)

I just had to show the other one I found from this campaign.....

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Re: Axe Dry

Well, at least they're not pretending like they have something important to say.

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Re: (adding more logs to the fire...)

There's another one in Creativity- April issue, page 18, showing a woman out at a restaurant with the arm pit. And she's playing footsie with the arm pits feet. Kinda unappetizing. In the article William Gelner, GCD, explains why the arm pit has three-toed baby legs. "Pitman has short legs so that all the horny ladies can easily catch him. he has three toes because some women are into freaky-deaky thigns, like feet. Pitman will try anything twice."

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Somewhere out there,

Somewhere out there, there’s a team that’s stumbled into a creative pitfall.

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