This campaign was shortlisted for the coveted Cannes Integrated/Titanium, as well as One Show integrated, it was a Kelly awards finalist, and the website was the runner up for a Webby award - in short, it got around. Slut!

"The key was to strike the right balance of adult humor, typical Axe sexiness, and serious pseudo-scientific analysis so that it was appealing to a slightly more sophisticated target." - Tim Geoghegan, Creative.

Not just pretty posters, the campaign had websites and a launch party at the playboy mansion. If you want to see more detail, click on the images for large versions.

"We combined the visual language of scientific 'experimentation' - from Rorschach tests to SEPT brain scans to physical body analysis - with the humor of the axe brand." - Caprice Yu, Creative.

"By entering the world of high end Fine Fragrances, we not only opened an entirely new market, but also helped to bolster the Axe brand's fragrance credentials." -Jonathan Bauer, Planning Director


Lets not forget the new phallic bottle. (hey, it's longer than it's wide, that's phallic, right?)

Created by BBH CLIENT: (Unilever) Axelab AGENCY: BBH New York CREATIVE DIRECTOR: William Gelner CREATIVES: Tim Geoghegan, Caprice Yu DIGITAL CREATIVES: Andre Massis, Emil Lanne, Justin Nutall PLANNING DIRECTOR: Jonathan Bauer EXECUTIVE CREATIVE DIRECTOR: Kevin Roddy

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  • bella's picture

    This is really strong work, consistently executed. Axe must be a great client.

    Jul 29, 2007
  • caffeinegoddess's picture

    I saw these in an issue of Maxim or similar type magazine and the placement was throughout an article on the G-spot and general women area navigation, which I thought was smart placement.

    Jul 30, 2007