AXE incomplete picture SMS & Print ad

Take a good look guys, because this is one of the few times you'll see this new tech as an interesting feature in an ad, soon it will become old hat.

Adlist has been chatting about it, opining that it's great new tech ...but kinda douchey. @caff weighed in saying you could swap out the logo for playboy and it still would have worked just fine, and that hits the nail on the head on why I'm not in love with this ad (despite the ossom hight-tech-nerdy angle). It actually works better for Playboy, or anything else that serves to give you the whole picture, rather than a perfume which once upon a time had fun advertising telling you that it magically attracts ladies - even recycled cans had that effect on women. These days Axe has lost their tone of voice and just slap ladies in lingerie all over. I can't tell if its a Victoria Secret ad sometimes. ;)

via also spotted on thanks to @Bastholm

Agency: Lowe Ginkgo Montevideo, Uruguay.