Bacon Strips "bacon up that bacon" for Maple Leaf Bacon


Bacon Strips "bacon up that bacon" for Maple Leaf Bacon

Bacon Strips, comic strips about and featuring bacon, are found on the website republicofbacon, a site for Maple Leaf Bacon dedicated to bacon and the people who love it from john st., Toronto.

The site is part of a campaign to announce Maple Leaf Bacon's new re-closable packaging, as well as creating a community for bacon lovers. Like any country, Republic of Bacon has many attractions: A casino where you can win bacon for a decade. A Red Light District where you can watch edgier videos, restaurants where you can find select bacon recipes, a Public Service Announcements section where a Bacon Safety Sergeant provides bacon safety tips and even a national anthem.

Agency: john st., Toronto
Creative Directors: Stephen Jurisic, Angus Tucker
Art Director/Illustrator: Patrick Shing
Copywriter: Paul Constantakis



-"Scallop" -"Noooo!"

I never thought them words would be so funny together.

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