Campaign with three ads (Bar / Office / Restaurant) created by NEOGAMA/BBH (São Paulo, Brazil) for ACT.

Company Name NEOGAMA/BBH Advertiser/Client: ACT Product or Service: INSTITUTIONAL Chief Creative Officer: Alexandre Gama Executive Creative Director: Alexandre Gama Creative Director: Márcio Ribas and Wilson Mateos Art Director: Paulo Augusto Cesar (Pepê) Copywriter: Isabella Paulelli Photographer Daniel Klajmic Art Buyer: Mariah Bayeux and Janaína Lacerda Account Supervisor: Diego Passos Planner: Eduardo Lorenzi Other Credits: Kiyoshi Takahashi, Daniel Terlizzi and Alessandra Perez Advertiser's Supervisor: Mário Albanese and Luis Carlos Mônaco

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    Wow, that French campaign is a tad depressing.

    Jul 08, 2010

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