According to the media Guardian, this "new" 'Dogvertising' is the brainchild of advertising agency Strawberry Frog. Last May however, they credited the barking billboards idea to the company of the same name.

Strawberry frog are currently using packs of drooling dogs adorned with a web address for a new, specially-created internet site designed to persuade people that it's "cool to drool" in an effort to sell the new Sony Ericsson T300 phone......

at their site, you can send emails to friends and watch three "drool" films .

"The mobile phone giant is also using postcards, flyers and a viral email campaign to direct people to its website, which features slobbering dogs and trendy teenagers so enamoured with the new T300 mobile they can't help drooling all over it.

Scott Goodson, creative director at Strawberry Frog, said the drooling dogs were proving so popular they have knocked Kylie Minogue off the top spot on internet giant Lycos's chart of the most popular viral emails."

Sooo, did you get any drool-uk emails? Seen any dogs?

Strawberry Frog

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