Bazooka - Air Bag (2007) Print (Brussels)


Bazooka - Air Bag (2007) Print (Brussels)

Little kid and his big pink airbag. Nicely done, Duval Guillaume Brussels very simple.

Client: Topps Europe
Brand: Bazooka
Contacts: Martin Tilney
Agency: Duval Guillaume Brussels
CD: Katrien Bottez, Peter Ampe
AD: Christian Loos
Copy:Raoul Maris
Photographer: Marcel Veelo
Retouching: Frédéric Dupont
Account: Matthias Dubois

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If there are more to this campaign I'd like to see them. Feels like one of those single nice ideas only.

Did the kid crash because the bubble was blocking his view of the sidewalk?

Won Cannes 2008 Silver Press Lion.

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