Beach Advertising: very cool and environmental


Imagine seeing thousands of your ads in the sand creating the world's largest billboard. Each day approximately 5,000 of your beach sponsoring ads coupled with "Please Don't Litter" are impressed during early morning cleaning leaving the beach manicured with your message all over it!

Beach 'N Billboard has an ever-growing roster of nationally selected, high-traffic beaches that are maintained daily by municipal beach cleaning machines. These machines have been fitted with our odometer-equipped, patented Beach 'N Billboard impression devices, which impress approximately 5,000 of your 12' x 4' ads in the sand each day.

Imagine seeing miles and miles of your ads creating the worlds largest billboard. That's over 600,000 square feet of beach with your name on it! A half mile of your Beach 'N Billboard ads will dwarf the famous Hollywood sign in California by four times! In addition, a "Please Don't Litter" public service message is included as a part of your ad.
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    doesn't this constitute blog spam?
    at least take the time to write something other than marketing blather...

    Jan 16, 2006

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