BETC + Violence Against Women = Huh?


BETC + Violence Against Women = Huh?

To bring attention to the fact that 122 women died last year in france as a result of domestic violence, French agency BETC came up with some head scratching ads for feminist organization Ni Putes, Ni soumises. Which translated, means Neither Whores Nor Submissives. The ads were launched in advance of International Day For The Elimination Of Violence Against Women.

As for the ads, all I can say is: huh?

You show me an oft-used, and I mean very oft-used Description Of Art execution. But it's next to welts and bruises. I know you want to believe they look otherwise, but from across the room, I know these are bruises. Especially since they are on a skin canvas. So...are you telling me violence is art? Huh?

Then underneath, we have the name of a victim and their birth and death date. abuse victim is an artist? Huh?

I showed some women in the office this ad, and they were offended by it. So...was the idea to generate controversy by alienating the very people you purport to help? Huh?

Maybe you're trying to say that there's nothing artistic about domestic violence. But why would you do that. Huh? Because no one in their right or wrong minds, except for performance artists would think it is artistic. And even then they aren't harming anyone but themselves.
Certainly the victims don't consider their ordeal to be art. Not the viewers of the ad either, because as already mentioned you can tell these are bruises from the get go. There is no rug pull at all. And lastly, not even the men who are committing these horrible actions would consider it a form of art.

But you know what? I look at this ad and I also ask other questions. Because I find no answers. Questions like "What on earth are you trying to say?" And "How exactly is this ad offering me any way to fight violence against women? Or any solutions of any kind?"

You may have made a striking series of ads for a good organization that carry a sense of artistic, if not tragic beauty. No doubt, people will be talking about them. But no doubt, too, most conversations will center around "Huh?"

I'm going out on a limb here, but I'm guessing this response wasn't written in the brief as a desired response.
Might want to give that a ponder.

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