Beware the blinking blimp is coming!


Beware the blinking blimp is coming!


Burns tips us that the bladerunner future is already flying around above our heads today as the Lightships group has launched the animated blimp!

The company has received Federal Aviation Administration approval for its new A-170 lightship which can play commercials and animations lit up in the night sky. Lets hope it doesn't also blare sound, like the ones in bladerunner do - that could get real tired real fast.


"A new life awaits you in the off-world colonies. The chance to begin again in a golden land of opportunity and adventure!"

What a crappy, obnoxious idea. This kind of shit makes me embarrassed to work (well, sometimes) in advertising. What the fcuk. At least they could have used a hot air balloon

Oh god, even reading that scares me. Ridley Scott knew what he was doing.

I figured out how to spray paint Mount Everest into a big ol' outdoor. The more white in your ad the cheaper it gets. Anyone interested in this?

I've got a whole bunch of other silly ideas - just waiting for your beautiful money to land in my pocket.

Gees - Lightship weirdos

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