Bing presents: The Egos
Bing presents: The Egos
Bing presents: The Egos
Bing presents: The Egos
Bing presents: The Egos
Bing presents: The Egos
Bing presents: The Egos
Bing presents: The Egos

After a morning round of meetings, I discovered that a mysterious package had arrived for me with a "from" name and address on the box's label that I didn't recognize.

Wary of such things ever since the 1999 AdLand Pepper Spray Promo Incident, I dispatched Marvin to unbox the mystery for me.

Inside the cardboard box was a shiny attache case emblazoned with a graphic of a mongoose fighting a cobra, the words "The Egos" and the Bing logo.

The Bing logo triggered something in Marvin, as he ofttimes refers to Bing as "The Depression Engine." But don't worry none, Bing - Marvin calls Volkswagen "Die deprimierende Auto", Pepsi "The Depression Cola" and ShamWow "The Depressing Towel". It's kind of his thing.

After unclicking the latches and opening the case, Marvin remained on edge. Or at least, as on edge as a manic depressive robot can get himself. Inside was a pair of Bing ping pong paddles, a pair of Bing ping pong balls, several event posters, instructions to an iPhone game and two tickets to The Egos, the industry's latest award show where agencies will vie to win the title of "The World's Best Agency (at Ping Pong).

Not too shabby, The Egos. Marvin must have been impressed, as he indicated that his mood had elevated from "crushing sorrow" to "slighty peppy ennui". He promises to attend the event in New York City on September 24 if he somehow makes it through the airport metal detectors this time.

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  • Dabitch's picture

    Sooooo... Bing sent y'all a pair of big orange balls. tehehe, sorry couldn't help myself. God Marvin is adorable.

    Sep 01, 2009
  • Neo's picture

    This is a riot.

    Sep 09, 2009

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