Bishop's Finger - Buxom Maidens (2006) Print (UK)


Bishop's Finger - Buxom Maidens (2006) Print (UK)

Earlier this week, Dabitch posted on controversy over the latest Bishop's Finger print ad. We weren't sent (yet...if you worked on the campaign send it in!) the "offensive" ad but the others in the series do have a similar theme.

Bishops Finger - the official beer of Adland

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Wow. Are these ever horribly lame.

Not only that, but two lines are nearly identical and (at least) one should have been scrapped. "Nothing tickles my fancy..." and "Nothing satifies me...." - coupled with the same girl to boot. This needed to be tightened up before it went to print.

What a wasted effort. Could have been so much better.

Unbelievably naff! Lovely piccies though.

Is it just me, or are almost all of these women really f***ing ugly?
1) Nasty eyebrows with a creepy expression on her face
2) Wannabe MILF wearing WAY too much blush with her legs open like a ho
3) Eh, not too bad, but that pose doesn't suit her look at all
4) Reeeeally fake background and too much blush like before. And now with her hands on her junk. Not sexy.
5) Dear lord that woman looks hideous! She must have fallen out of the ugly tree and hit every branch on the way down with her face.
6) Same as #3- not bad, but certainly not good. These postures really aren't sexy though.
7) Just as fugly as she was in #5

Really crappy advertising with poor taste.

heheehee you said "tightened up".

Pervs. The lot of ya.

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