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When that vinyl sticker on sewers for Folgers made the rounds a few weeks back we weren't the only ones who thought "yuck who would want their product associated with sewer steam?"
Adscam had a bit of a rant on it as well, proving either that both me and George are insane or we gots a point take your pick. Perhaps it was a case of truth in advertising, Folgers never tasted like real coffee anyway.

Since I didn't fancy that Folgers idea much, I was pleased as punch to see that someone else has used that "yuck" factor in the right way. See what Draft advertising in Auckland did was dress up every trash can on K Road as a giant coffee cup, complete with oversized wooden stirrers, pointing the way to their client café Brazil and away from the other coffee shops on said road. The headline on their giant cups asked "Coffee tastes like crap?" One of those other coffee shops on K road happened to be Starbucks and they were not amused - but I am!

Ad agency: Draft

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    I LOVE this. So much better than the Folgers crystals that I'm not even believe was really done. I don't see any holes letting the steam through that vinyl sticker do you? Looks like a photoshop job to me.

    May 18, 2006

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