Seeking to promote breastmilk in Venezuela, where over 70% of mothers do not breastfeed, UNICEF took breastmilk and packaged it like a formula brand.
With the brand name La Leche Materna, and packaging shaped like a woman's breast, it was positioned as the 'world's best baby milk' to compete against formula milk brands and sold in supermarkets and grocery stores. The campaign reached over two million women.

That is why Unicef launch BreastMilk as a product, with packaging, logo and a whole advertising campaign

Advertising Agency: Leo Burnett Venezuela Client: Unicef Venezuela Producto: Lactancia Materna Executive Creative Director: Fabian Bonelli Creative Director: Ali Armas Creative Copywriters: Julian Guarin Barkach, Andrea Gil Art Directors: Eduardo Gomes, Johann Boscan Account Directors: Fabiola Vega, María Elena Dias Agency Producer: Nivia Cuevas, Magaly Mayo, Domi Maurice Country: Venezuela

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    P.s. good luck with this in Cannes. You've entered it, right?

    Jun 10, 2011
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    I second that. This is a great idea.

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