breensmith shows homeless animals in human scenarios

Atlanta-based breensmith forgoes the usual scared, cold and shaking abused animal imagery and likens homeless animals to homeless people, in this campaign for Friends of Animals.

By attempting to humanize the situation and make it a bit more tongue in cheek, the ads move away from the usual exploitive tactics that guilt people into accepting responsibility for pets they aren't equipped to raise. Instead, these ads encourage people to spay and neuter their pets to reduce the number of strays out there.

I appreciate the weirdness, and the point being made that stray cats and dogs have it rough, although I am personally not a fan of the cat hooker image.

Client: Friends of Animals Agency: breensmith atlanta Writer: Chris Breen Art Directors: Adam Millman, Lotenna Enwonwu Creative Director: Chris Breen Photography: Ryan Haislip
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