Barton F Graf tapped 24 local L.A. artists to create a really big mural on the corner of Sunset and Hyperion for DIageo's whisky brand Bulleit. Why? Well, this the first in a series called Frontier Works, "a set of creative projects to support and celebrate creative people living and working on the modern cultural frontier." Each of the tattoo artists got a panel to do what they wanted with the mural, provided of course it depicted the Bulleit label. No doubt the process was documented and will be shared on Bulleit's social channels, too. In case you're interested in watching someone make a billboard.
Do tattoo shops even qualify as being on the frontier any more? Maybe in some parts of the country they do, but In L.A. they're as ubiquitous as food trucks and donut shops. I'm actually surprised you can't get a tattoo from a food truck at this point

Brand: Bulleit Bourbon
Campaign: Frontier Works
Client: Diageo North America
Diageo leads:
Senior VP of Whiskey Brands North America: Sophie Kelly
Brand Director, Global and US Bulleit Frontier Whiskey: Ed Bellow
Senior Brand Manager: Aditi Gupta

Agency: Barton F Graf
Founder/Chief Creative Officer: Gerry Graf
Group Creative Director: Nick Kaplan, Nate Naylor
Copywriter: Christopher Stephens
Art Director: Michael Hagos, Kate Overholt Placentra
Head of Production: Josh Morse
Producer: Theresa Reyes and Saul Metnick
Account Director: Yvette Ames and Jennifer Richardi
Account Supervisor: Julie Carroll
Head of Communications Strategy: Dominic Poynter
Strategy Director: Deepa Sen

Video Production Company: Barton F Productions 9000
Line Producer: Saul Metnick
Director: Arianna LaPenne

Production Company: Milk Agency
Head of Creative and Integrated Production: Diana Frame
Brand Partnerships Director: Samantha Lim

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