Our pal Martin Cedergren tells us about his latest project;

"Porteur is a new bicycle brand inspired by the bicycles used in the past by messengers and milkmen. With a front mounted carrier it’s perfect for contemporary city life. And it comes with a unique promise - for every bicycle sold, one bicycle is donated to youths in developing countries. One for one, the promise is carried forward.

To make people aware of this promise, we have created a new campaign called: Buy milk – Give milk.

On Thursday this week, ambassadors of the brand, will use Porteur bikes to deliver milk to offices in downtown Stockholm. One litre costs 98 Swedish crowns. All money is then donated to buy therapeutic milk for children in need via UNICEF - One for one.

A special print ad in one of Sweden’s largest newspapers will encourage people to place their iPad on the bicycle carrier (see ad attached) and order deliveries at givemilk.porteur.cc. You buy milk and we promise to give it away."

Now, this is a pretty nice boke they have there, and giving one bike away for every bike bought is one heck of a USP. Check the site givemilk.porteur.cc. You can also follow the campaign through #buymilkgivemilk on twitter, of course. We can't have a campaign without a hashtag, it's 2012 for gods sake!

Agency: Fellow Porteur Martin Cedergren, cd Patrick Dry, cd Fredrik Widén, account director Digital production: The Brewery Film production: The ReelMacoy

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