Calgary's Farmers' Market - As fresh as it gets - print, Canada


Calgary's Farmers' Market - As fresh as it gets - print, Canada

Ahem. It might the heat that's getting me a touch randy, but these images strike me as a little perverse. It's like the fruit is fornicating with itself. That's it, I'm hitting a cold shower. I see perverse fruits!

Advertised brand: Calgary's Farmers' Marke
Advertising Agency (Name, City, Country): Wax Calgary Canada
Creative Director:Joe Hospodarec
Art Director:Joel Arbez
Copywriter:Saro Ghazarian
Photographer:Jean Perron

Ad type: 


Yes, it's bit Videodrome to me, too. Can I join you in that shower?

Ha! Cheeky! Only if you bring your own soap on a roap.

I have a Pope soap on a rope, if that's any use.

You are a very naughty boy. Good thing I've got a wash away your sins soap. Step on in, it's coooold.

Hang on, I'm just going to buy some of the other products.

I'm confused, are you Dabitch's baby-daddy?

Indeed not. The honour goes to a much better man than me.

Yeah, I have a thing for broad-shouldered Viking boys. Even if they looked like a platinum blond Prince Valiant as kids.

Oh now I get it. See, I knew he was around here somewhere. But Alex is in the UK or something, right? That would make for a painfully long commute.

I am indeed in the UK, and therefore completely harmless. Not to mention not a viking (although in my morris dancing kit I could be mistaken for a marauding celt).

I have a thing for marauding celts too. Raah! And Rugby players thighs make me weak in the knees. Basically, I like manly men. In SKIRTS! Go fig!

Jean Paul Gaultier in a skirt might not be manly enough for you.

Yikes! No!

Since my father's parents both came from the Ukraine, and since (as I'm sure at least one other person here knows) the Ukraine had been overrun and built-up by Swedish Vikings around 1100 A.D., there is a good possibility that somewhere in my father's heritage, there was a Swedish Viking. This would make me a Jewish Viking. My hair is not that pale yellow*, at least not nowadays, it is what my mother called dirty-blonde (which might explain a bit about me). :-)

Not a rugby player, although I was a gymnast for 2 years in high school.

Yes, the ads are .... suggestive....

* my nephews (soon to be 6 and 3 years old soon) both have the blond hair - the pale kind.

Celts are not tall. And on the subject of gene pools, I'm partly Welsh, partly Viking and partly Polish Jew. Oi hellya, bach.

And shalom back to ya! .

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