Canon "exactly what you shot" ad in PDN magazine #fail


Canon "exactly what you shot" ad in PDN magazine #fail

Photographer Rick Lohre was momentarily confused when he thumbed through the latest issue of PDN (Photo District News) magazine and came across this ad. It didn't seem to make sense and he thought to himself ; "Wow that's weird, Canon is promoting 'Document Photography'?".

No, they're not, it's a two page ad idea, shot down by the incessant subscription papers that are jammed into magazines at approx. every second page. We all know why those are there, as long the magazine can say X people subscribe, they can sell their attractive ad-space for Y. How ironic that annoying pice of paper should ruin a rather expensive print ad.

Please let us know what the credits are, we feel sorry for the team here.

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