Carre' Fresh Wipes - Wipe off what you touched - (print) (Thailand)


Carre' Fresh Wipes - Wipe off what you touched - (print) (Thailand)

Not for germaphobics! Eeeek! Look away! Ok, just look to the right because that has got to be the kyootest baby in the world. I'm not even sure that it's real. I bet it sends broody gals ovaries into epileptic twitching-fits.

Agency : Creative Juice\G1, Bangkok
Remix Studio (Photography & Retouch)
Bangkok Anuchai Srijarunputong (Photographer)
Nok Pipattungkul (Photographer)
Bangkok Anuchai Srijarunputong (Retoucher)
Thirasak Tanapatanakul (Executive Creative Director)
Jiravut Dusadeepun (Creative Director)
Voratep Onlamul (Art Director)
Jakkarin Auttapoldachanan (Art Director)
Watta at Pimonsri (Copywriter)
Hussapong Julphaibul (Copywriter)
Chomkare Hirunrusmee (Copywriter)



Pass me my revolver.

Anyway, that girl will never get those M&Ms in to her mouth (if that's what they are).

The .44 Magnum, right?

Maybe it's just my warped mind (after 3.5 hours sleep), but does that girl look like she's anticipating something other than M&Ms going into her mouth? Possibly something LARGER? :-)

I like that they melted* the dirty objects into the end of the arms, instead of hands.

Actually, the girl looks like she's anticipating being part of a completely different shot. She's certainly not looking what she's doing.

Ok, as long as everyone admits to the fact that that baby is the kyootest thing in the world! I'm fine with it.

Yes, The baby is, can't do it.

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