Even a short trip to the United States can become very expensive if you require medical attention and don’t have travel insurance coverage. These reflective billboards were erected near the US border crossings to remind consumers that Pacific Blue Cross travel insurance coverage is the best way to avoid a financial crisis when traveling.

A few words from the creative:

While Canadians travel within the US, they are without the benefit of our government health care coverage. We created this billboard as a warning and last minute reminder to purchase travel insurance before entering the US.

Contact Name: Paige Calvert ( Agency: DDB Canada Client and Product: Pacific Blue Cross Travel Insurance Title(s) of Ad(s): Caution In-market Date: June 2010 Category: Billboard Submission Type: Single Creative Director: Dean Lee and Cosmo Campbell Associate Creative Director: Daryl Gardiner Copywriter: Jeff Galbraith Art Director: Daryl Gardiner Account Manager(s): Scott Barr Print Producer: Amanda Dring Typographer: Studio 17
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