CBS came to Mother New York to help promote the college football season on CBS College Sports.

The idea taps into the extreme passion a fan has for college football. That nothing, no matter how important, can distract a fan from the game. It is always football first.

Project Name: CBS
Agency: Mother
Client: CBS
Executive Creative Director(s): Linus Karlsson & Paul Malmstrom
Creative Director: Bobby Hershfield
Art Director (s): Lawrence Melilli, Christine Santora
Copywriter (s): Matt Mulvey, Jon Lancaric, Bobby Hershfield
Producer (creative): Emma Starzacher, Mike Aaron
Photographer: Douglas Friedman


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  • Dabitch's picture

    I'm tempted to start rooting for the Rebels. That giant red cowboy hat is fetching. ;)

    Oct 04, 2009

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