Swedish group Lilla Sällskapet just dropped a new track called "Night Animal." To promote their upcoming interactive music video, M&C Saatchi Stockholm and B-Reel created some posters that changed messages depending on the time of day. In daylight hours it read "Life for the day." At night? "Die for the night." Both of those slogans are lyrics taken from the song.
The made and interactive video for "Night Animal" comes out on June 3rd. And offline they promoted it with glow in the dark posters. Who says you can't go old school and new?

Client: Sony Music Sweden / Carlberg Sweden Agency: M&C Saatchi Stockholm, http://mcsaatchi.se/ Artist: Lilla Sällskapet, https://www.facebook.com/lillasallskapet Song: Nattdjur (Night Animal), http://open.spotify.com/track/62xP2LtTgw5B2Gx0CkmzXI Production company: B-Reel, http://www.b-reel.com/