The chances of mold decorating your ceiling are minimal.


The chances of mold decorating your ceiling are minimal.

Campaign for Anti-Mold Paint, which prevents mold in humid places - Coral Paints. A very elaborate set of patterns created by mold. Yeah, that ain't ever gonna happen.

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Agency: Leo Burnett, Brazil
Creative Director : Ruy Lindenberg
Art Director : André Gola
Copywriter : Carla Cancellara

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Very cool looking.

I want moldy ceilings now. Where can I buy that?

Also, credits Carlita? Which agency?

You only want mouldy ceilings if they look like this. Better clarify - unless of course you just want mouldy ceilings!

I love this, looks great and the line is tongue in cheek.

course, if we had mouldy ceilings looking like this I'd suspect that mould finally developed intelligence*, then art - and wouldn't dare cleaning it away!

* or some artist ghost died in the house.

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