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Zig Chicago explored pretty much every media when they launched this campaign for the blog network. For example, a Cubs game sponsorship was used as a platform for more than traditional fan swag, when they stacked up a pile of cars outside the stadium along with a sign reading, “Call me crazy, but I think Chicago needs more parking.” - this drove people to phograph the stunt as well as check out where “Parking Ticket Geek” is hosted. Another stunts had a trail of undergarments leading up to a steamed up car which was quite literally rocking back and forth, with signage for the Sex and the Windy City blog. Ah, but of course.

Here are the radio ads that go with this campaign.

Then there was the “chalk blog” in Chicago’s busy Pioneer Court using 40 eight-foot boards spread throughout the courtyard. "We posed some of the provocative questions that spark debate on ChicagoNow blogs every day, such as “What would you do to improve the CTA?” and “What will the Olympics do for this city?” Crowds gathered, adding their points of view - because as everyone knows, it's not just the blogs that draws the readers, its the comments and ability to make one as well.

last but not least, the Chicago newspapers carried traditional print ads as well.

Credits for the campaign are as follows: Creative Director: Stephen Leps Art Director: Janay Blazejewski Copywriters: Geoff Berg, Natalie Taylor Strategic Planner: Ryan Wilson Team Leader: Carlie Naftolin Retoucher: Jeremy Thompson Studio: Mazen Mansour, William Leung Print Production: Jen Dark Music Company: RMW Music Director: Ted Rosnick Sound Designer: Tyson Kuteyi

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    I can't see the second image. I would like to quote your article but i miss this image...

    Aug 25, 2009
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    Neither could I, replaced it with a non-broken version.

    Aug 25, 2009
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    benchandra5 (not verified)

    Images are really good ones.

    Aug 25, 2009

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