Chrysler 300C STR8 = Fast , Ambient posters Brazil


Chrysler 300C STR8 = Fast , Ambient posters Brazil

So Chrysler came out with the 300C STR8 and wanted to advertise how fast that thing is, and Y&R São Paulo were happy to oblige. Looks like (but the email does not explain this) they simply hung thick plastic posters with a wee car and tagline printed on it around the city (note: comments say that the posters are not plastic). When you view anything from the rippled plastic poster - it looks like it's going really fast. Neat.

Also, I've seen that "plastic see through the billboard" idea in Ian Hart's portfolio a year ago, though the Ford Mustang concept billboard is sadly impossible. Think big, but not impossibly big. ;)

A small poster works very well though, and is cheaper to produce, check it out inside.

Tomas Lorente (Creative Director)
Cassio Zanatta (Creative Director)
Marco Mattos (Art Director)
Vinicius Stanzione (Copywriter)

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this idea is different. it´s not a plastic poster.
it already brings a image of the lamp post with a "blur" effect.
and the poster is placed on the lamp posts.

One could also argue that it is a different execution (plastic vs photo-blurred) of the same idea. Either way, hard for me to tell if it was plastic or photography on the poster. And either way, I really like the idea.

Not that different. I think I might like it more if it was plastic though, now I'm wondering how it looks if you are walking past it and it's not perfectly lined up like in this shot. Will the effect 'work' for the viewer then?

You're so naive.

But only then would you be close enough to really be able to read the brand name and copy. Guessing the desired response would be to have it catch your attention to come close to read it...but we all know no one reads copy anyway. ;)

Who? Me? *looks shifty*

It looks like pure photoshop to me.

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