Agency: Bhadra Communications, Bangalore, India
Art Director: Siju S Nair
Copywriter: Dominic Satur
Headline: JOIN. And it will fit in just two months!

Brief: To promote a fitness centre, by communicating the benefits of joining. To increase awareness and recall of the brand.

Solution: Two hundred direct mailers were sent to identified targets living/ working in the vicinity of the centre. These contained a beautiful leather belt (size 26" for men and size 24' for women).

The tag on the belt conveyed the promise that joining the centre would result in quick weight loss.

Result: The direct mailer was a massive hit, which drew in a whopping 108 enquiries, of which 47 were converted as customers. This meant a success ratio of almost 25 percent, compared to the norm of 5 to 10 percent for DMs. The success is attributed not only to the innovative nature of the DM, but also to the accurate profiling and targeting of the audience.

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