Åkestam Holsts has done a pretty cool thing for the outdoor clothing shop Playground - they dragged 200 kilos of hot ice and ten cubic meters of snow into the changing rooms so that when you try on winter coats, you're doing in in minus ten degrees celsius.
"Then we decorated the room with a few appropriate items" says the suitably named Jerker Winther from Åkestam Holsts.
Ads in the daily papers invite punters to come try the clothes on they way they are meant to be worn - in the cold.

The ice cold dressing room was only planned to be available for one weekend, but it's likely to be a successful stunt in which case they'll keep it up until Christmas. Sadly - for these guys that is - the weather got better and it's a little too warm out to keep it up right now - but when the cold dressing room is back you can see people trying on winter coats and jackets on the webcam at playgroundstores/dressingroom.

Credits: Johan Beattig and Lars Holte, Art Directors
Lotta Linde and Jerker Winther, AE's
Göran Åkestam, copywriter
Ylva Krantz, layout

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