Correction fluid HQ in the USA, tells us to remove Correction fluid Chile ads.


Correction fluid HQ in the USA, tells us to remove Correction fluid Chile ads.

Well there's no real way to sugarcoat that one, aye? So here's a short update on as to why the Correction fluid campaign Saigon/Ninios/Torres Gemelas now has a pixellated beyond recognition logo and trademark on it. Correction fluid HQ in CT USA has asked us to remove the ads.

This is the first time we have seen these ads and we have just learned that these ads were created by the agency, TBWA in Chile. These ads were created with no knowledge or approval from . We are currently in contact with TBWA to address this situation.
In the meantime, as these ads are in extremely poor taste and were not approved by , we would like to request that you please remove the ads from your website. The ads also constitute an unauthorized use of the logo, trademarks and image.

So we blurred the trademark, and hope to get to the bottom of this Chilean campaign, was it really done for client without authorisation? Who knows, since the server (including mail) for has been down all weekend. However, we won't remove the ads. Stay tuned.
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redrum, buddy, someone has secretly replaced your Folgers crystals with new imporoved Sanka which has minus caffeine ! Read the article and click the links, as db says, the Chile site is down even for email at the moment so you'll have to patiently wait until they are back up to request copies.

This just proves my original point that the campaign has no strategic relevance whatsoever to the product. Anyone who's ever dabbled in this category could plainly see the ads were bogus and that no client would ever sign off on such a misguided strategy...

They look more like student work than anything else...


They made shit bogus ads AND they got caught doing it.

Award shows should use some of their ridiculously high entry fees to hire a bunch of temps to call every potential winner's client to see if an ad actually ran.

Should the temps be calling USA to find out if Chile ran and ad..?

Sometimes the right hand doesn't know what the left one does.

Yeah, but anyone with even a scintilla of brain matter could have worked out the ads were fake...they look like friggin' student work. At best.

True, it does smell like a spec job done by over-exited juniors on placement for their client rooster.

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