Actions made for the launching of Renault Clio 2011 line.

Title: “Covers”
Advertising Agency: NEOGAMA/BBH
Product: Renault Clio
Advertiser/Client: Renault do Brasil
Chief Creative Officer: Alexandre Gama
Executive Creative Director: Alexandre Gama
Creative Director: Márcio Ribas e Wilson Mateos
Art Director: Kleyton Mourão
Copywriter: Pedro Guerra
Producer: Samba.Pro
Account Director: Luiz Tosi
Account Manager: Thais Pedro and Diego Passos
Advertiser's Supervisor: Frederic Posez, Cássio Pagliarini and Andrea Costa


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    In the launching of Renault Clio 2011 line, NEOGAMA/BBH has created a campaign with the concept “the popular that all popular would like to be”, since the car is perceived as more sophisticated than its competitors of the “popular” segment and started having a 3-year factory total warranty, an uncommon fact in the class. Among the several created actions there is one that has surprised who passed by the gas stations of the five major Brazilian cities. From July to August, in front of the convenience stores of the gas stations, were cars from competitor assemblers covered by a cover of a 2011 Clio drawing and the campaign motto “the popular that all popular would like to be”. Samba.Pro agency was responsible for the action operation.

    Aug 31, 2010

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