Yet another "+tises" word is invented as Crumpler - known for their bags for everything but you creative folks probably have the slip covers for your laptops - advertises on toilet paper. And it's not just any old toilet paper folks, it's now a paint by number toilet paper where every color you need is "brown". Oh yes, they went there. PR blurb:

Crumpler is known for their out of the box, unique brand. From Beer for Bags events, to a ton of viral street marketing initiatives…they always find the most unique way to reach their customers and further their brand. Their latest endeavor is distributing customized toiler paper in an array of areas in USA, Australia, Asia, Canada, and New Zealand. Crumpler plans to distribute 100,000 rolls of Paint By Numbers Toilet Paper to unsuspecting bathrooms around the country. Crumpler is an Aussie designer of trendy, colorful, and stylish bags that are perfect for ever day use, whether it be commuting to work, going to the gym, an outdoor trip, and more. Crumpler bags are available online, through selected specialty retailers nationwide, and at their two Crumpler NYC retail stores.