Lets have the Finnish gais explain:

In the "meat-packing district" area of Helsinki, in an old slaughterhouse renamed Kellohalli opened as a restaurant. Kellohalli has a different approach to food. Food is seen as fuel, a stimulant, a topic. Food can be anything, even a way to express feelings.
The Helsinki World Design Capital 2012 wanted to highlight Kellohalli as one of its main events. We did four posters to communicate the essence of Kellohalli.

In other words, food is sex. Dirty. Messy. A mashup. Gross. And oh so yum. Yikes. Pork Chops. Chicken legs. Cucumbers. If your mind went dirty places at those words, you need to visit Kellohalli. Also: OMG YOU PERV. Call me.

Advert title: Kellohalli Campaign name: Cursing Slaughterhouse: #★ϟ*! Posters for Kellohalli Media: Outdoor Industry: Restaurant Published: 24.9.2012 Market: Finnish Headline and copy text: KELLOHALLI. NOW OPEN. Agency: 358 Helsinki Advertiser: Kellohalli Brand: Kellohalli AD: Tuukka Tujula Copy: Taro Korhonen Producer: Peggy Petrell Artist: Maria Duncker Photographer: Timo Junttila Client: Antto Melasniemi (Kellohalli) Production Company: 358 Helsinki Short description: Cursing Slaughterhouse: #★ϟ*! Posters for Kellohalli

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