You gotta get it to get it. The only one Id din't 'get' was Life of Pi because I didn't see it. That movie looked like it sucked. Either way, love the design of these.

Agency: DDB Canada Vancouver Executive Creative Director: Dean Lee, Cosmo Campbell Creative Director: Dean Lee, Josh Fehr Associate Creative Director: Daryl Gardiner Copywriter: Daryl Gardiner, Jessica Schnurr, Geoff Vreeken Art Director: Daryl Gardiner, Kelsey Hughes Designer: Jack Curtis Account Team: Roger Nairn, Account Supervisor Print Producer: Matthew Sy Production Artists: Tina Palmer, Laurice Martin Media Agency: MEC Global

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    Flexit (not verified)

    Love the posters! Can't wait for Netflix to come to South Africa to see the cool posters then!

    Oct 06, 2014

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