Daredevil, Netflix's original super hero series, is known for some crazy action fight scenes. To promote season 2, DDB created a multi-billboard installation encouraging sharing on social with the hashtags #Daredevil, #Punisher and #Elektra. The billboards evolved every 48 hours, based on who was winning "the fight," on social by being the most talked about. As a result, the losing ones were updated to show they had taken physical damage.

Client: Netflix Agency: DDB Canada Vancouver Chief Creative Officer: Cosmo Campbell Executive Creative Director: Dean Lee Associate Creative Director: Daryl Gardiner Copywriter: Daryl Gardiner / Jon Mandell Art Director: John Larigakis Business Director: Roger Nairn Strategist: Rob Newell, Jacqueline Lee Agency Producer: Matthew Sy Retoucher: Pierre Bourjo Character Artwork: Ignition Creative OOH Production: Clear Channel Canada Media Agency: MEC Global

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