Decathlon is a French equipment retailer who likes to help all sporting enthusiasts.

BRAND MANAGEMENT François Dewitte Stéphane Saigre Arnaud Morras Emmanuel Castiglioni Nathalie Ruiz Jérémy Dekeyser Jean Nussbaumer AGENCY BETC AGENCY MANAGEMENT Bernard Buono Philippe Brandt Laurianne Mayet Sarah Guilloteau Elena Esposto EXECUTIVE CREATIVE DIRECTOR Stéphane Xiberras CREATIVE DIRECTORS Eric Astorgue / Jean-Christophe Royer ARTISTIC DIRECTOR Marie-Eve Schoettl ARTISTIC DIRECTOR ASSISTANT Pierre Caurret COPYWRITER David Soussan TRAFFIC Elodie Diana PHOTOGRAPHER Geoff Kern ART BUYER Christine Lefers PRODUCTION Arno Poulain / RITA PRINT PRODUCERS Elodie Diana

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