Shark Week is upon us! Oh yes, here we go again watching Discovery channel's iconic show. These creatures are fascinating, creators of myth and bizarre food habits (Anna Anka eats cartilage every day because she's read the book Sharks Don't Get Cancer by Dr. William Lane and thinks any cartilage, be it chicken or shark, will work). Due to overhunting (because Hollywood bimbos eat cartilage), and and environmental degradation, shark numbers are declining.

To help combat this unfortunate decline, Discovery invited Click 3X to participate in a truly cool fundraiser during Shark Week's sponsorship of ESPN's X Games 2010: Click custom-designed skateboard decks, to be auctioned online, with all proceeds benefiting Oceana, the largest international organization focused solely on ocean conservation.

Click 3X CD Ders Hallgren led the team of creative talent that designed and produced 11 of the auction's 24 boards. The decks are a visual spectacle spanning the genre of design motifs from surrealist to abstract, portraying sharks of all kinds set against distinct backdrops and a color palette that ranges from the subdued to the explosive.

Discovery kept the design guidelines loose, so Click was able to unleash its full collective creative power, using stickers, paint, welding, and any number of other materials to create the distinct designs. "Much like the X Games themselves, all the rules were thrown out the window for this one," mused Hallgren. "This was an incredibly fun project and for obvious reasons: what beats the combination of charity, skateboards and Shark Week?"

Hallgren's team included Steve Tozzi, Justin Wolfson, Dave Rogers, Grahm Sharts, I-Nu Yea, Liz Roberts, Eric Foster, and Matthew Reid from Click, along with Hoon Chong and Keng-Ming Liu of SUSPECT.

You can bid on the skateboard decks through Thursday, Aug. 19 at: CharityBuzz

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