'Degrading and Sexist' ad to promote advertising week.


'Degrading and Sexist' ad to promote advertising week.

Advertising Week, an organisation and event that aims to improve the image of advertising has promoted itself with an ad that many industry leaders deemed so "sexist", "moronic" and "tired" that it might actually damage advertisings reputaion (if that is even possible).

"This sexism isn’t new, but shouldn’t national advertising conferences be celebrating creativity, rather than tired boob jokes?" said Jennifer L. Pozner, director of Women In Media & News to AdAge. Success, the buzz is on as everyone talks about the boob-ad and if boobs made it in most of the advertising press.

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Never mind. I found it. DDB Worldwide, NY. Surprising. I'd have guessed it was another from CP+B. ;-)

Is this more proof that there aren't enough women in advertising for them to care about how they (we'd) react? I find it very amusing that DDB is also one of the WIN Awards sponsors.

I'm still working on figuring out what message this is supposed to communicate. Is it that we all use sex to sell? Or we all wear black bustiers? ;)

Well I am not wearing a black bustier, so it must mean use SEX to sell whatever product you wnat! I am doing a college thesis on controversial television advertising. I chose sex as my main topic to argue my point. I was wonder if you could give my some resources/articles on the explict nature of sexy comercial nowadays? Thanks in advance for any help and consideration!


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